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Northern Illinois Fire Sprinkler Advisory Board (NIFSAB) recently adopted a position statement urging Illinois municipalities and districts  to adopt minimum standards based on the International Building Code (IBC) and International Residential Code (IRC) and NFPA Codes, with the ability for local jurisdictions to adopt technical amendments that provide for more stringent requirements.

State Fire, Building and Life Safety Codes

State Fire Code Building Code Life Safety
Alabama1 NFPA 1-03/Standard IBC 2003
Colorado2(State Agencies) NFPA 1-00/Uniform/IFC Uniform/IBC 2006
Connecticut3  NFPA 1-03/IFC IBC 2003
Delaware NFPA 1-06 None 2006
Florida NFPA 1-03 IBC 2003
Kentucky NFPA 1-06 IBC 2006
Louisiana NFPA 1-03 IBC 2003
Maine NFPA 1-03 IBC - Local 2003
Maryland NFPA 1-03 IBC 2003
Michigan NFPA 1-97 IBC 1997/2000
Montana NFPA 1-03 IBC N/A
Nebraska NFPA 1-03 IBC 2003
New Hampshire NFPA 1-03 IBC 2003
New Mexico NFPA 1-97 IBC 1997
Rhode Island NFPA 1-03 IBC 2003
Tennessee NFPA 1-03 IBC 2003
Texas4 (State Facilities) NFPA 1-03 IBC 2003
Vermont NFPA 1-03 IBC 2003
West Virginia NFPA 1-03 IBC 2003
Wisconsin NFPA 1-00 IBC 2000 (Limited)

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