The Illinois Chapter of the National Fire Sprinkler Association (NFSA) is dedicated to educating and informing the Chicago area public of the vital role sprinkler systems play in fire protection. The Association supports and encourages responsible workmanship through its member firms.

    Because who installs your fire protection system can be just as important as the fire protection system itself, don't settle for anything less than a member of the National Fire Sprinkler Association to assure yourself of the highest caliber of quality and safety. NFSA contractors abide by a Code of Ethics.


Justice trustee Richard Sparr views the first residential sprinkler system in Justice.

NFPA 13D summit meeting.

Rich Ray, P.E. instructs Chicago fire pump testers at Local #281.

Fire Team USA "Side by Side" burn demonstration.

Fire Sprinkler Protected.

Crestwood Chief, Jon Bruce, at Crestwood fire demo.

Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition material distributed at Illinois Fire Inspectors Public Ed. Conference 2005.

Sprinklerman coloring books provided at "Side by Side" demo.

Hodgkins Mayor and board members recognized by IFIA president, Todd Fonfara, and Chief Hermes for multi-family retrofit ordinance.

Interaction with the media for accurate fire sprinkler information.

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