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May 2012


Shannon Court Apartments Streamwood Fire Department

The fire sprinkler system in a fourth-floor apartment unit extinguished a couch fire that was caused by a candle that was too close to the couch. No one was injured. Daily Herald  

Dunkin’ Donuts Homewood Fire Department

The automatic fire sprinkler system in the store kept a boiler fire in check. When firefighters arrived, they only needed to use extinguishers to put out the remaining flames. Homewood-Flossmoor Patch  

April 2012


Spinning Wheel Apartments Hinsdale Fire Department

A single fire sprinkler in the 17-story high-rise apartment building put out a fire that began when unattended cooking oil was ignited by a stove in a an 11th-floor kitchen. There were no injuries and little damage. Damage was limited to $5,000. Steve Tullis, Firefighter, Hinsdale Fire Department  

Enterprise Rent-A-Car Villa Park Fire Department

Six sprinklers in the building’s garage activated and controlled a car fire, which also had set some gasoline in the garage on fire. No injuries were reported. Lombard Spectator  

Facilitec Gurnee Fire Department

The fire sprinkler system in the restaurant kitchen exhaust cleaning services and products company’s warehouse extinguished a fire caused by oily rags in a 55-gallon drum, preventing it from spreading. No injuries were reported. Daily Herald  

Presidential Pavilion Nursing Home Chicago Fire Department

A sidewall sprinkler controlled a fire in one of the nursing home units. Tom Hartel, President, Valley Fire Protection Systems  

Offices of Deer Park Lake Zurich Fire-Rescue

One fire sprinkler activated outside of a stairwell on the second floor of the office building to control a fire that began in a pile of rags that were being used to stain a new floor in an office build-out. Only a rug and some drywall were burnt and damage was estimated at less than $10,000. “The fire sprinkler system did its job,” said Fire Inspector John M. Bzdusek, Sr. “One sprinkler controlled what could have been a devastating fire with major damage. Tenants were back to work the next day without interruption. This was a great save of a million-dollar, three-story office building.” John M. Bzdusek, Sr., Fire Inspector, Lake Zurich Fire-Rescue  

March 2012


Tablescapes Chicago Fire Department

Multiple fire sprinklers controlled a fire at the party rental company. The sprinklers worked successfully even after having been installed 61 years ago. Tom Hartel, President, Valley Fire Protection Systems  

Solo Cup Company Chicago Fire Department

A fire that began in a hopper of the disposable food service products factory was controlled by the building’s fire sprinkler systems and kept from spreading until fire crews were able to fully extinguish the fire. No one was injured. Chicago Sun-Times

(Former) Espo’s Country Lanes Building Elgin Fire Department

The fire sprinkler system in a vacant building that formerly housed a bowling alley helped keep an arson fire at one of the doorways in check until fire crews arrived. Richard G. Dunne, Lieutenant, Elgin Fire Department

Single-Family Home Long Grove Fire Protection District

Fire sprinklers extinguished a single-family home fire caused by excessive lint build-up in a clothes dryer’s exhaust. The fire sprinkler system activated and extinguished the fire in 15 seconds,  just as firefighters were readying their hoses. Firefighters were able to cool remaining hot spots with their hoses in less than 30 seconds. Although the dryer was a total loss, the fire sprinkler system only allowed the fire to cause minimal damage of $1,500. Everyone was able to escape the home safely without injury. Lake County News-Sun  

February 2012

High-Rise Apartment Building Elgin Fire Department

A kitchen fire in a ninth-floor unit of the 10-story building was extinguished by the fire sprinkler system before fire crews arrived. No one was injured. All units but the unit where the fire began remained inhabitable. Daily Herald  

Single-Family Home Lincolnwood Fire Department

Four fire sprinkler controlled a sofa fire in the family room of the single-family home. John Jaeger, Battalion Chief, Lincolnwood Fire Department  

W.W. Henry Bourbonnais Fire Protection District

One sprinkler activated to extinguish a fire in a rack storage area of the flooring adhesive manufacturer’s facility. The cause of the fire was a pallet of cardboard boxes, containing dry bulk product valued at $2,500, that had been stored too close to an infrared heater system. The facility was unoccupied at the time, so no personnel were injured. “Were it not for the fire sprinkler system, the building would have suffered extensive damage,” said Deputy Chief James Keener. “The quick action of the fire sprinklers allowed the business to remain open for production, saving countless jobs and income for the local community.” James Keener, Deputy Chief, Bourbonnais Fire Protection District  

Multifamily Residence Lisle-Woodridge Fire District

Fire sprinklers confined a fire to the area around a stove in one of the units, where unattended cooking had occurred. Two residents were home at the time, but one was sleeping and was unaware of the fire. Firefighters were able to remove them both safely without any harm. Jim French, Fire Prevention Bureau Chief, Lisle-Woodridge Fire District  

Portola Packaging Batavia Fire Department

Three fire sprinklers extinguished a fire that began in the air unit in the basement of the packaging company’s warehouse. Some shelving was also damaged but there was only an estimated $2,000 in structural damage and $3,000 in content damage. The fire alarm system warned workers of the fire and everyone escaped without injury. Geneva Patch  

January 2012

Northern Illinois University – Hoffman Estates Hoffman Estates Fire Department

A fire sprinkler system in an atrium of a campus building held a fire in place that began when a ceiling heater’s motor seized, causing the wires to overheat and drip flaming content onto a couch below and ignite the furniture in the area. Scot Neil, Fire Inspector, Hoffman Estates Fire Department  

Apartment Building Villa Park Fire Department

A stovetop grease fire that extended to the cabinets of an apartment unit’s kitchen was controlled by a single fire sprinkler until fire crews arrived. No injuries were reported. According to a Villa Park Fire Department press release, the fire sprinkler system confined the fire and kept it from spreading and causing more extensive damage to the unit and the rest of the apartment building and occupants. Steve Stapleton, Deputy Chief, Villa Park Fire Department  

Kampai Japanese Steakhouse Mount Prospect Fire Department

One fire sprinkler controlled a fire in the ceiling area of the kitchen until firefighters arrived. The cause of the fire appeared to be a malfunction in a lighting unit. According to a fire department press release, without an automatic fire sprinkler and fire alarm system the loss to the business could have been significant. Damage was estimated at only $5,000 and the business was able to reopen the next day. John Malcolm, Fire Chief, Mount Prospect Fire Department  

Domain Communications Carol Stream Fire Protection District

The fire sprinkler system at the recording studio extinguished a mechanical closet fire caused by a vacuum pump motor. Tom Hartel, President, Valley Fire Protection Systems  

Senior Suites of Fay’s Point Blue Island Fire Department

[caption id="attachment_1833" align="alignright" width="346"] Senior Suites of Fay’s Point[/caption] Two sidewall fire sprinklers contained and extinguished a stovetop fire in a third-floor unit of the 90-unit, six-story senior living facility. All tenants other than those in the affected unit and the unit below it were able to return later that afternoon. “The fire sprinkler system did an outstanding job,” said Blue Island Fire Chief Robert Copp. “The activation of two heads extinguished the fire and saved the elderly occupant’s life.” Robert Copp, Fire Chief, Blue Island Fire Department  

December 2011


Landings of Lake Zurich Lake Zurich Fire-Rescue

A fire thought to be caused by a tenant smoking in bed in his single-bedroom apartment was subdued by two fire sprinklers. The apartment building is still habitable. Lake Zurich Patch

Target Edwardsville Fire Department

As flames from a trailer fire near the loading dock outside of the retail store tried to wrap inside the back storage area, a fire sprinkler system activated to prevent the fire from advancing into the store. The fire was caused by a faulty electric light from the store that was used in the trailer. Shoppers and employees were evacuated as some smoke, but no fire, infiltrated the building. The store was only evacuated for three hours due to some minor cleanup. The Illinois Department of Public Health determined that none of the food stock had been contaminated. No injuries were reported. “If it weren’t for the sprinklers, we would have had a very serious situation on our hands,” said Bob Morgan, captain for the Edwardsville Fire Department. The Telegraph  

Higgins Brothers Chicago Fire Department

On the morning of New Year’s Eve, an installed fire sprinkler system assisted firefighters in extinguishing a fire at the four-story warehouse in the Bridgeport neighborhood of Chicago, where industrial containers are manufactured. Ed Prendergast, P.E.  

Alden Estates Orland Fire Protection District

A single fire sprinkler suppressed a fire in the basement laundry room at the health care and senior living facility. No one was injured. “I give credit to Alden for not just installing effective safety systems, but also for maintaining them,” Acting Chief Raymond Kay said. “That made a big difference. This could have been a much bigger incident within a building that doesn’t maintain its system as well.” Patrick Collier, Fire Inspector, Orland Fire Protection District

Hawthorne Race Course Stickney Fire Department

When firefighters arrived at the scene of a reported fire in one of the horse track’s barns, they found that a single fire sprinkler extinguished the fire, which was caused by an overheated electrical cord. The fire only managed to melt part of a plastic lawn chair and otherwise harmed no humans or horses. “Several horses were saved due to the fire sprinkler system doing its job to save both life and property,” said Tom Heller, Chief of Fire Prevention for Stickney Fire Department. Tom Heller, Chief of Fire Prevention, Stickney Fire Department  

November 2011

Single-Family Home Mount Prospect Fire Department

One of the two fire sprinklers in the attached garage of the sprinklered single-family residence controlled a fire that appeared to be caused by rags coming in contact with a heating source. The fire sprinkler kept the fire from progressing into the home, which eliminated any chance of damage to the home’s interior. Fire officials said the residential fire sprinkler system’s interior bell alerted the occupants and they were able to exit the home quickly. No injuries were reported and damage was limited to $3,000. “The home fire sprinkler system did exactly what it is intended to do,” said Fire Chief John Malcolm. “It allowed time for all occupants to escape and saved the entire home from being damaged from fire. If this home was not protected by sprinklers, we would have had an entirely different outcome from this fire.” Mount Prospect Family Journal  

Shell Car Wash Hoffman Estates Fire Department

The sprinkler system at the gas station’s car wash controlled a fire that started in a dryer for rags and towels from the car wash. According to Lieutenant Jeff Golden of the Hoffman Estates Fire Department, the employees who heard the fire alarm and discovered it used two dry chemical extinguishers on the fire, but he believes the fire sprinklers did most of the work. Jeff Golden, Lieutenant, Hoffman Estates Fire Department  

October 2011

Galleria Lighting Naperville Fire Department

The lighting store’s fire sprinkler system helped contain a fire in the back room of the store. “Activated sprinklers helped control the fire and minimize the damage,” stated Naperville Deputy Chief Rick Sander. Naperville Sun  

Apartment Building Oak Forest Fire Department

One fire sprinkler extinguished a fire that began on a couch in a single unit of the apartment building. According to Oak Forest Code Enforcement Officer Jim Berger, the apartment building had just been renovated in the past few years, which fortunately included fire sprinklers and smoke alarms.  Jim Berger, Code Enforcement Officer, Oak Forest Fire Department  

Underground Garage Darien-Woodridge Fire Protection District

A single fire sprinkler held a fire check in the engine compartment of a car parked in the garage until fire crews arrived. No adjacent cars were damaged by the fire. “Had there been no fire sprinkler system, there certainly would have been more fire damage, and much more smoke damage in the building,” said Robert Morris, Director of the Fire Prevention Bureau at the Darien-Woodridge Fire Protection District. Robert Morris, Director of Fire Prevention Bureau, Darien-Woodridge Fire Protection District ]]>