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February 2014


Northside College Prep High School Chicago Fire Department

Fire sprinklers extinguished a fiery explosion in a cooking class in the high school, according to Chicago Fire Media Affairs Director Larry Langford. The fire occurred when students ignited a gas burner to heat hot chocolate. Although five students were injured in the initial explosion, the fire sprinklers kept the fire from spreading elsewhere. “The sprinkler did its job,” added Langford. See the full article. Chicago Sun-Times

Odyssey Country Club Tinley Park Fire Department

The fire sprinkler system in the banquet facility controlled a fire in the kitchen office, preventing it from extending beyond the room. Smoke damage was minimal and the business was back in operation following the fire. According to Senior Fire Inspector Dan Riordan, approximately 150 gallons of water were used by the fire sprinkler system, but typical fire growth without fire sprinklers would have required in excess of 1,000 gallons. “This has been Tinley Park’s fifth fire event — four residential and one commercial —since 2012 that has been controlled by a building’s fire sprinkler system,” added Riordan. Dan Riordan, Senior Fire Inspector, Tinley Park Fire Department  

January 2014


Franklin Center High-Rise Chicago Fire Departments

A fire sprinkler system in the Chicago commercial high-rise at 227 W. Monroe  suppressed a fire that was caused by an automobile in a lower level parking garage. See the full article.  

University of Illinois – Sherman Hall Urbana and Champaign Fire Departments

The residence hall’s fire sprinkler system controlled an electrical fire on the sixth floor of the building. The students were safely evacuated and no one was injured. WCIA-TV  

Lake Forest Library Lake Forest Fire Department

A single fire sprinkler controlled the spread of a fire that was ignited when a broken light bulb fell on a chair in an employee break room of the library. Lake Forest – Lake Bluff Patch

Colona House East Moline Fire Department

One fire sprinkler activated in a trash chute to control a trash bin fire in a maintenance room of the 10-story, senior living high-rise apartment complex. None of the building’s approximately 150 residents were injured and they were able to return to their homes that night. Although the trash bin was charred by the fire, it was still able to be used by residents. “This is proof positive that properly installed fire sprinklers work,” said East Moline Fire Inspector Jay McCowan. “No one was injured and there was minimal damage.” Jay McCowan, Fire Inspector, East Moline Fire Department  

December 2013


Edgewater Walk Apartments Tinley Park Fire Department

The fire sprinkler system in the three-story apartment building contained a fire that began on a mattress in the bedroom of one of the units. The fire sprinkler prevented the fire from spreading past the point of origin and minimized fire and smoke damage. Damage was limited to only $1,000 and the apartment was still habitable after the fire. No one was injured. Dan Riordan, Senior Fire Inspector, Tinley Park Fire Department

Apartment Building Bloomingdale Fire Protection District

On the day after Christmas, the three-story Glendale Heights apartment building’s fire sprinkler system extinguished a cooking fire in one unit. No injuries were reported. According to Batallion Chief Richard Kurka, the resident of the apartment unit was not home at the time. Her two dogs survived, but would likely have suffered from smoke inhalation had there been no fire sprinklers present in the building. Daily Herald  

The Downtowner Bloomington Fire Department

On Christmas Eve, the fire sprinkler system in the eight-story assisted living apartment building was credited with completely extinguishing a fire that began near an overstuffed chair and end table in one of the units. Bloomington Fire Department’s Public Information Officer Brad McCollum said the outcome could have otherwise been tragic for the apartment unit’s resident and devastating to other residents and the building owners had it not been for the effectiveness of the fire sprinkler system. “The capability of a properly installed and maintained fire sprinkler system to contain the spread of fire and in many cases such as this, extinguish the blaze before first responders even arrive on the scene is the reason that so many important structures have these life- and property-saving systems,” McCollum said. “Apartment buildings like The Downtowner are not the only types of structures that can and do benefit from these systems. Places of worship, places of business, and most importantly the places that you call home can all be protected by a fire sprinkler system. I encourage you all to learn how to protect yourself, your loved ones and your community from the ravages of fire.” Pantagraph  

Bartlett Community Center Bartlett Fire Protection District

One fire sprinkler activated to control a dryer fire in a utility room in the community center. The fire was contained to the dryer and its contents. There was limited damage. “This incident is an example of the value of a fire alarm system to provide early occupant notification and a fire sprinkler system where one sprinkler activated to control the fire and significantly limit the amount of damage and fire spread to the building,” said a press release from the fire protection district. Michael Kelly, Assistant Chief, Bartlett Fire Protection District  

John Deere Harvester Works East Moline Fire Department

Two fire sprinkler in the large manufacturing complex extinguished a fire caused by spilled resin in a oven that is used to mold plastic parts. Employees of the facility safely evacuated. They were able to continue production in other areas of the complex following the fire. Jay McCowan, Fire Inspector, East Moline Fire Department  

November 2013


Nursing Home East Moline Fire Department

Two fire sprinklers held a fire in check in a detached maintenance shed, preventing it from spreading to the main building of the nursing home which is a few feet away from the shed. The crews were able to extinguish the remaining fire with tank water. There was no smoke in the main building and none of the residents were evacuated. Jay McCowan, Fire Inspector, East Moline Fire Department  ]]>