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June 2014


Grimm Metal Fabricators Lombard Fire Department

The fire sprinkler system in the building controlled an early morning fire in the rear portion of the warehouse. No one was in the building at the time. Damage to the building and its contents was only about $10,000. “Basically the sprinkler system kept it in check,” said Assistant Fire Chief Jerry Howell. “It could have been a much worse fire.” Daily Herald  

May 2014


Townhouse Hoffman Estates Fire Department

Fire sprinklers in a townhouse prevented a car fire in the unsprinklered garage from reaching into the living portions of the house. When the garage fire bowed the door into the house, two fire sprinklers activated and held the fire back. Also, the fire burned up the exterior of the townhouse and broke out a second-floor window. As the fire began entering the bedroom, the fire sprinkler in the room activated and kept the fire from coming inside the townhouse. A child was sleeping in the bedroom at the time and escaped unharmed. “All three sprinklers worked perfectly. The home was definitely saved because of the sprinkler system,” said Hoffman Estate Sr. Fire Inspector Scot Neil. Scot Neil, Senior Fire Inspector, Hoffman Estates Fire Department  

Esplanade Apartments Chicago Fire Department

A fire sprinkler system contained an automobile fire in the basement parking garage of the residential high-rise. Although smoke was able to reach its way into the high-rise building above due to a ventilation shaft, it could have been much worse had the fire sprinkler system not been present. Read more about both successful activations in this high-rise.  

Spinning Wheel Apartments Hinsdale Fire Department

A single fire sprinkler extinguished a sixth-floor kitchen fire in the 17-story high-rise building. The fire began when a frying pan was left on the stove while the stove was left in the “on” position. All residents evacuated safely as the fire alarm sounded. Damage was estimated at only $6,000. “Sprinkler systems save lives and protect property,” says McElroy. “In this case it saved many lives and helped protect this building from what could have been a major catastrophe.” The successful fire sprinkler activation comes just two years after the fire sprinkler system extinguished a similar fire on the eleventh floor of the same high-rise building. The high-rise building is currently in the process of retrofitting fire sprinklers to comply with Hinsdale’s adoption of NFPA 101 Life Safety Code. Roughly half of the building is protected with fire sprinklers so far, adds Assistant Chief Tim McElroy. Read more about this successful activation. Tim McElroy, Assistant Chief, Hinsdale Fire Department  

April 2014


Meadows Apartments Elburn & Countryside Fire Protection District

Before fire crews arrived on scene, a single fire sprinkler extinguished a small stove fire in a third-floor unit of the senior apartment building in Elburn. All residents were able to evacuate safely and no injuries were reported. Quincy Herald-Whig  

Maurices Champaign Fire Department

A fire sprinkler system in the women’s clothing store extinguished a small fire before fire crews arrived, limiting damage to only $8,000 and preventing any injuries. Quincy Herald-Whig  

March 2014


La Quinta Inn & Suites Peru Fire Department

The fire sprinkler system in the motel controlled a fire caused by an air conditioning/heating unit shorting out in one of the rooms. The fire was contained to the rooms of origin and no one was injured. Read more about this successful activation. LaSalle NewsTribune  

Coulter Court Residences Aurora Fire Department

The fire sprinkler system in the condominium building controlled a cooking fire in a third-floor unit. No one was injured. Beacon-News  

North American Lighting Paris Fire Department

Fire sprinklers contained a fire to its area of origin in the factory that manufactures automotive lighting products. Paris Beacon-News  

Industrial Building Chicago Fire Department

A few fire sprinklers over a graphite furnace in the 90,000-square-foot, one-story factory controlled a fire as fire crews arrived.

Lincolnwood Place Lincolnwood Fire Department

Fire sprinklers contained a fire to one unit on the fourth floor of the six-story retirement home while fire crews responded. No fire hose lines were used. Clyde Heineman, Lieutenant, Lincolnwood Fire Department  

The Stand Glen Ellyn Volunteer Fire Company

A single fire sprinkler extinguished a fire caused by the explosion of a butane torch refill tank behind the service counter of the restaurant. Another fire sprinkler was approximately 10 feet away, but did not activate due to the quick response and cooling effect of the fire sprinkler directly over the fire. “If there were no fire sprinklers, there probably would have been enough damage that I wouldn’t have been able to reopen,” said restaurant owner Lisa Demos. Demos and her husband, Glenn Ellyn President Alex Demos, chose to voluntarily retrofit the restaurant with fire sprinklers when they bought the space a few years ago. “The cost of retrofitting the fire sprinkler system was less than it would have cost to recover from a devastating fire if the building were unsprinklered,” adds Demos. Jim Bodony, Fire Chief, Glen Ellyn Volunteer Fire Company  

Massage Spa & Beyond Mount Prospect Fire Department

Prior to the arrival of firefighters, a single fire sprinkler extinguished a fire caused by the spontaneous combustion of oily rags in a rear leaundry room area of the spa. No one was injured. “The total damage is estimated at $10,000. Without an automatic fire sprinkler and fire alarm system the loss to the business could have been much more significant,” stated the fire department news release. Mount Prospect Fire Department news release  

February 2014


Village in the Park Apartments Schaumburg Fire Department

One fire sprinkler activated to extinguish a closet fire caused by an unattended candle in one of the units of the high-rise apartment building. Michael Rons, Fire Marshal, Schaumburg Fire Department  

Knapheide Manufacturing Tri-Township Fire Department

Fire sprinklers extinguished a fire caused by a malfunctioning air compressor in the Quincy plant that produces truck bodies. No injuries were reported “We got there and there was heavy smoke, but we went in and couldn’t find any fire,” said Tri-Township Fire Department Lieutenant Richard Kestner. “The sprinkler system had already put it out.” Quincy Herald-Whig  ]]>