mock-town-meeting-1 Illinois fire officials take part in a mock board meeting addressing a home fire sprinkler requirement.[/caption]   Illinois is a rough-and-tumble political state with Chicago-style politics setting an example for the thousands of other units of government throughout the state. With so many local governments, there is a great variety of elected officials to communicate with and, therefore, an important need to know how to present a fire sprinkler requirement or code upgrade to government leaders. To help train our sprinkler advocates, we developed a mock board presentation simulation. What’s that, you ask? mock-town-meeting-2Through role-playing scenarios, we put real pressure on participants during these mock meetings with government officials so they know how to prepare and react to their possible responses and concerns. Building and fire officials participate on the advocacy side. The role of the anti-fire sprinkler person is typecast as the antagonist. Attempting to pass a sprinkler requirement needs all of your wits, planning, political prowess, and desire to protect your community. These simulations can be an important precursor for the actual event, which could be in your immediate future. Read the full article at NFPA’s “Fire Sprinkler Initiative” blog.]]>