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September 2016

Extended Stay America
Gurnee Fire Department

The fire sprinkler system in the hotel extinguished a trash can fire in a third-floor room. A small dog was found safe and no person was present in the room at the time of the fire.
Fred Friedl, Fire Chief,
Gurnee Fire Department

Arlington Nissan
Arlington Heights Fire Department

Before firefighters even arrived on the scene, the fire sprinkler system at the automobile dealership extinguished an overnight fire that was caused by a car that was brought in for service in one of the warehouse bays. The business was able to open that morning.

“It all worked out well, and it’s a great thing that they had working sprinklers,” said Arlington Heights Battalion Chief Tom Zerfass. “Sometimes people worry about water damage, but sprinklers always do more good than harm.”
Arlington Heights Post

Public Works Facility
Wilmette Fire Department

Two sprinklers contained a fire in a storage room of the garage, which houses most of Wilmette’s public works vehicles and equipment. Fire crews provided final extinguishment for small spot fires underneath metal shelving.
“The building is over 60 years old and the entire roof is constructed of open wood trusses. If not for the fire sprinklers, the fire would have extended to the roof in a matter of minutes and would have resulted in a multi-million dollar fire loss and an interruption in service to the residents of Wilmette for months,” said Wilmette Fire Chief Mike McGreal.

“Credit should be given to the previous administration, facilities management, fire prevention bureau, and the village board for having the forethought of retrofitting the public works garage with fire sprinklers when an addition was added adjacent and connecting the garage for administrative offices. The addition itself did not make it a requirement to install fire sprinklers to the adjacent garage, but all parties involved agreed this added expense was worth it,” adds McGreal.
Mike McGreal, Fire Chief,
Wilmette Fire Department

Imperial Motors Jaguar
Wilmette Fire Department

Prior to fire crew arrival, a single fire sprinkler extinguished a burning material that fell from a ceiling light fixture in a corner of the automobile dealer’s showroom, minimizing smoke and fire damage in the building and saving millions of dollars in automobile inventory.
“This is a much better outcome than the Women’s Club fire of February 2015, which was a total loss and required hundreds of thousands of gallons of water to extinguish. That fire could have been extinguished the same way with a hundred or so gallons of water,” said Wilmette Fire Chief Mike McGreal. “Imperial Motors was open for business the next morning, whereas the Women’s Club will probably not yet open for another year.”
Mike McGreal, Fire Chief,
Wilmette Fire Department

August 2016

Buffalo Grove Fire Department

Three fire sprinklers in the key fob business held an electrical fire in check, which spread to cardboard and plastic totes, until fire crews arrived for full extinguishment.
Bill Wagner, Deputy Chief,
Buffalo Grove Fire Department

Commercial Building
Countryside Fire Protection District

One fire sprinkler controlled a fire caused by an electrical panel fire.
Ron Cielek, Lieutenant/Fire Marshal,
Countryside Fire Protection District

Valley View Apartments
Moline Fire Department

The fire sprinkler system in the two-story apartment building extinguished a fire that was caused by a plastic ice cooler left on an operating electric stovetop in the kitchen of one of the units. Damage was contained to the apartment unit of origin and no injuries were reported.

July 2016

Danville Fire Division

The fire sprinkler system in the warehouse controlled a trailer fire in the loading dock. No injuries were reported.

Industrial Building
Roselle Fire Department

Two sprinklers held a loading dock fire in check that began when the garage door contractor was cutting a metal spring and the molten embers fell into wood storage containers that were filled with packing paper. There was no damage to the structure or its contents other than the three wood containers. Estimated loss was less than $1,000.
Robert Morris, Fire Marshal,
Roselle Fire Department

Presidential Towers (High-Rise)
Chicago Fire Department

The fire sprinkler system in the residential high-rise put out a small kitchen fire.

June 2016

Courtyard Estates
Peoria Fire Department

The fire sprinkler system in the assisted living facility controlled a fire from an air conditioning unit in a fourth-floor apartment. No one was injured.


Crab & Spice
Lisle-Woodridge Fire Protection District

The fire sprinkler system in the strip mall restaurant in Woodridge extinguished a small electrical fire in a closet, preventing the fire from spreading to the attic or adjacent tenants.

The sprinkler save is significant because the restaurant recently went through renovations in August 2015, which required modifications to the fire sprinkler system to maintain complete coverage in the space.
Chris Hull, Fire Inspector,
Lisle-Woodridge Fire Protection District

North Chicago Fire Department

The fire sprinkler system in the pharmaceutical research and development facility held an apparent electrical fire in check in a laboratory and electronics storage room. No injuries were reported.
This was the second example of a sprinkler containing a fire at the facility in the last three months.

Lake County News-Sun

Elgin Fire Department

A fire sprinkler in a fourth-floor apartment extinguished an unattended cooking fire on a kitchen stove. There were no injuries to residents or firefighters. Damage was limited to only $5,000.

Elgin Fire Department news release

McKernan Packaging
Streator Fire Department

Fire sprinklers in the warehouse helped control a fire deep in pallets of boxes containing plastic bottles. No injuries were reported.


Goodfellas Pub & Pizza
Pekin Fire Department

Fire sprinklers in the restaurant held an arson fire in check until fire crews arrived. A disgruntled employee intentionally started the fire by setting a box of cooking oil on the kitchen burners and set them to full blast, as well as the broiler and fryer. He then spread cooking oil on the walls and closed down the business for the night. There was only minor damage from the fire.
Pekin Daily Times

Condominium Building
Lincolnshire-Riverwoods Fire Protection District

One fire sprinkler controlled and extinguished a dumpster fire at the bottom of the trash chute in the five-story condominium building.
Eric Norlin, Fire Marshal,
Lincolnshire-Riverwoods Fire Protection District

Monee Fire Protection District

A single fire sprinkler controlled a fire caused by a battery pack that was charging on a mattress in a first-floor room in the two-story hotel. The battery pack had exploded, which set the pillows and mattress on fire. The room was unoccupied at the time of the fire and no guests were injured.
All guests were allowed to return to their rooms approximately 40 minutes after the smoke was cleared out of the halls. Damage was contained to the room of the fire’s origin.
Carl Nieland, Fire Chief,
Monee Fire Protection District

Elk Grove Village Fire Department

Fire sprinklers in the several-hundred-thousand-square-foot warehouse controlled a loading dock fire that began in a truck trailer filled with cleaning and restaurant supplies. No injuries were reported.
Elk Grove Village Fire Chief Richard Mikel noted that had the building not been equipped with a fire sprinkler system, the building itself would have likely caught fire causing a vastly larger blaze.
Journal & Topics Newspapers

May 2016

Champaign Fire Department

The fire sprinkler system in the semiconductor manufacturer’s building contained a small fire in a laboratory clean room. Firefighters only needed fire extinguishers to put out the remaining fire. No injuries were reported.
The News-Gazette

Hitz Memorial Home
Alhambra Community Fire Department

The fire sprinkler system in the nursing home and independent living facility controlled an arson fire that was set by an unhappy resident.

Captain T. Mike Dixon, chief of investigations for the Madison County Sheriff Department, said the staff’s quick action and the sprinkler system prevented any serious injuries.


Aramark Uniform Services
Metropolis Fire Department

The facility’s fire sprinkler system contained a fire until firefighters arrived on scene for full extinguishment.

Claridge Apartments
Evanston Fire Department

Two sprinklers in the low-income housing development held in check and extinguished fires in a fourth-floor apartment in the 48-unit building. The fires began when a careless smoker, who accidentally set a pile of clothing on her bed ablaze, panicked, threw the pile of clothing into the bathtub and ran away. The sprinkler in the bedroom extinguished the smoldering mattress, while the sprinkler in the bathroom controlled the fire that spread from the bathtub to the shower curtain and towels. No residents or firefighters were injured.
John Roche, Captain/Inspector,
Evanston Fire Department

April 2016

Darien-Woodridge Fire Department

succ-act-petsmart-darienwoodridgeTwo sprinklers confined a fire to a fish tank filter/refrigerator in the service area behind the fish tanks in the pet store. Fire crews extinguished the remaining fire with a pump can.
The business was able to open within two days of the event with no loss of life to any of the pets that were being boarded at the time.
James Karasek, Lieutenant/Fire Prevention Bureau Director,
Darien-Woodridge Fire Protection District

McHie Arena (Olivet Nazarene University)
Bourbonnais Fire Protection District

A single fire sprinkler activated and extinguished a fire in a clothes dryer in the laundry room of the university’s indoor arena. Fire officials estimate that an $12 million damage was avoided thanks to the fire sprinkler system.
“The quick activation of the sprinkler system prevented the fire from spreading throughout the structure.  Property damage was minimized, which allowed the university to maintain its daily activities without a large amount of disruption,” said Bourbonnais Deputy Fire Chief Jim Keener. “Sprinkler system activations over the last few years have saved numerous numerous amounts of properties and lives.”
Jim Keener, Deputy Fire Chief,
Bourbonnais Fire Protection District