ORLAND PARK, IL (January 17, 2018) – The Northern Illinois Fire Sprinkler Advisory Board (NIFSAB) has released FireSprinklerTesting.org, a new website that provides important information about inspecting, testing and maintaining (ITM) fire sprinkler systems in various types of buildings. A new companion video is featured on the website.

According to Tom Lia, NIFSAB executive director, fire sprinklers provide the greatest protection from fire for occupants, contents and the building itself. Proper ITM is vital to ensure the system is kept running properly.

The new NIFSAB content underscores the requirements within NFPA 25, Standard for Inspection, Testing and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems. Compliance with the standard helps to avoid system failures. It determines actions needed if there are any changes in occupancy, use, process, hazard or water supply that could potentially impact the performance of the system.

The purpose of the new video is to increase awareness, comprehension and the application of ITM procedures as part of the building protection program. Lia said it was produced with building owners and managers in mind. It will also be used to educate members of the fire service and authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs).

The video, which runs under seven minutes, includes animation illustrating four types of water-based systems and how they operate. The systems include wet pipe, dry pipe, preaction and deluge fire sprinkler systems. The video also explains three types of issues that may be discovered during ITM: impairments, critical and non-critical deficiencies.

The website provides a base where anyone involved in ITM can find basic information and resources. It can also be easily accessed using a smart phone or tablet for field work. The video and other resources will be used in future NIFSAB training programs as well.

The video does not teach how to do an inspection however; and Lia emphasized the need to hire a NICET II certified inspector or a professional trained through an approved apprenticeship program. For more information, visit: FireSprinklerTesting.org or view the video on the NIFSAB YouTube Channel.