March 2020

Residents Safely Evacuate After Fire Sprinklers Control High-Rise Kitchen Fire

EVANSTON, IL (March 7, 2020) – Fire sprinklers contained a fire in a kitchen on the 11th floor of the 24-story Park Evanston apartment tower at 1630 Chicago Avenue. The fire started shortly after 7 p.m. Fire crews extinguished the fire. Occupants safely evacuated. No injuries were reported.

Source: Evanston Now and Chicago Sun Times


Fire Sprinklers Extinguish Fire at Distribution Center

OGLESBY, IL (March 6, 2020) – Fire sprinklers extinguished an early morning fire at Advantage Logistics, a distribution center on Mallik Road in Oglesby Friday. A forklift caught fire while being charged. There were no injuries.

As a precaution a mutual aid request was put out to Peru, Tonica and Utica Fire Departments.

Source: LCBC Radio

February 2020

Fire Sprinklers Stop a Fire from Spreading in a Palatine Apartment Building

PALATINE, IL (February 29, 2020) – Two fire sprinklers extinguished a fire in an apartment bathroom early Saturday morning.

Firefighters were called to the apartment building located on the 1100 block of North Sterling Avenue in Palatine. Upon arrival they found moderate smoke and the two activated fire sprinklers. The fire was limited to the bathroom.

There were no injuries and the cause of the fire is under investigation.

Source:  Daily Herald


Fire Sprinkler Stops Fire From Spreading in West Dundee Apartment

WEST DUNDEE, IL (February 21, 2020) – A fire sprinkler prevented a fire from spreading into a second floor apartment located at Canterfield Parkway in West Dundee. According to a press release issued from the village, residents heard the alarm after furniture located on the balcony caught on fire. All residents evacuated by the time firefighters arrived. Authorities believe careless use of smoking material caused the fire. No one was injured.

Source:  Daily Herald


Fire Sprinklers Stop Fire From Spreading in Chicago High-Rise Loading Dock

CHICAGO, IL (February 13, 2020) – Fire sprinklers prevented a fire from spreading in a loading dock at Lake Shore Plaza, a 38-story residential high-rise building in Chicago’s Streeterville neighborhood.

Fire Sprinkler Saves Deerfield Condominium from Extensive Damage


DEERFIELD, IL (February 2, 2020) – A single fire sprinkler extinguished a fire in a unit at Coromandel Condominiums on Kelburn Road in Deerfield. According to Fire Marshal Brian McCarthy, Deerfield Bannockburn Fire Protection District, the fire started in the interior compartment of a furnace located in a small closet. The sprinkler in the closet activated and extinguished the fire before the fire department arrived. Four occupants were able to safely escape.

“The sprinkler activated and operated as designed and completely extinguished the fire, which prevented the fire from spreading into concealed spaces. The fire alarm activated which lead to the safe evacuation of the building,” McCarthy said.

Because of the sprinkler activation, extensive damage was prevented. McCarthy estimated the amount saved to be in excess of $1,000,000.

Source: Save-A-Day form. Brian McCarthy, Deerfield Bannockburn Fire Protection District.

January 2020

Fire Sprinklers Save Animals At Orland Park Pet Store

ORLAND PARK, IL (January 28, 2020) – Fire sprinklers prevented a fire from spreading, saving animals at Chicago Fish and Coral Company in Orland Park. According to Ray Hanania, spokesperson for the Orland Park Fire Protection District, fire sprinklers activated after the fire started, firefighters extinguished a small fire when they arrived. All animals were safe and in good condition.

The store’s owner said the fire stemmed from a chiller near a fish tank. The shop was expected to open two days after the fire.

Source: Chicago Sun Times


Fire Sprinklers Control Fire at Retirement Community

ELMHURST, IL (January 21, 2020) – According to Tri-State Fire Alerts, a fire sprinkler controlled a fire on the 5th floor at 1050 S. Euclid in Elmhurst. Park Place is an independent retirement community.

Source: Tri-State Fire Alerts FB post


Fire Sprinklers Help Extinguish a Fire in a Department Store Fitting Room

SPRINGFIELD, IL (January 5, 2020) – Fire crews were dispatched to Gordman’s department store in Springfield, January 5 at 12:15p.m. Upon arrival, firefighters found a fire above and inside a dressing room. According to Springfield Fire Chief Allen Reyne, the fire was extinguished within minutes from fire sprinklers and the fire department.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

Source: News Channel ABC20


Fire Sprinklers Stop a Fire From Spreading in Historic Chicago High-Rise

CHICAGO, IL (January 4, 2020) – According to the Chicago Fire Department, a fire sprinkler kept a fire in check in a compactor room at the Midwest Apartment high-rise located at 6 North Hamlin Boulevard. According to the Midwest Apartment website, this historic national landmark was once a prominent athletic club and hotel.

Source: Chicago Fire Department Media


Fire Sprinkler Protects Resident in Rockford Apartment Fire

ROCKFORD, IL (January 4, 2020) – Fire sprinklers prevented a kitchen fire in an apartment from becoming deadly allowing the resident to safely escape.

At approximately 6:30 p.m. January 4, Rockford fire crews said the occupant of the unit at the nine-story Valkommen Plaza Apartments, located at 310 7th Street, initially reported that they were unable to escape. A fire sprinkler activated, keeping the fire from spreading, protecting the resident and preventing any further damage to the building.

There were no reported injuries and the cause of the fire is under investigation.

Source: WTVO 17ABC

December 2019

Fire Sprinklers Prevent a Fire From Spreading in Walmart on New Year’s Eve

HARRISBURG, IL (December 31, 2019) – Fire sprinklers contained a fire inside Walmart in Harrisburg on New Year’s Eve. According to Harrisburg Fire Chief John Gunning, the fire started at around 11:30 p.m. and was located on a shelving unit in the middle of the store. The State Fire Marshal’s Office is investigating.

Fire crews with Carrier Mills, Equality and Shawneetown assisted at the scene with mutual aid. They all left the scene around 2:30 a.m. on January 1, 2020. The store was back open and operational 3 days later.

There were no injuries.

Source: KFVS12


Fire Controlled in Older Apartment Building Retrofit with Fire Sprinklers

EVANSTON, IL (December 22, 2019) – Firefighters credit fire sprinklers for keeping a bedroom fire from becoming deadly in a three-story apartment building in Evanston on Sunday.

Shortly after 3:15 p.m., Evanston Fire Department crews arrived at the building located on the corner of Barton Avenue and Cleveland Street where they heard fire alarms and residents were evacuating. Firefighters went through a smoke-filled hallway to a bedroom where a fire sprinkler prevented the fire from spreading. Firefighters extinguished the remaining fire.

The five-unit brick building was built in 1928. When the management company rehabbed the building an audible alarm and fire sprinkler system were retrofit bringing the building up to code with current city ordinances.

“The fire alarm and sprinkler system worked exactly as designed, saving both lives and property,” said Chief Brian Scott.

Source: The Patch, Evanston, IL


Fire Sprinklers Prevent Fire From Spreading in 114-Year-Old Country Club

HARWOOD HEIGHTS, IL (December 21, 2019) – Firefighters credit fire sprinklers for preventing a kitchen fire from spreading at the Ridgemoor Country Club in Harwood Heights.

According to Fire Marshal Leigh Unger, Norwood Park Fire Protection District, two sprinklers activated and controlled the fire until first units arrived. Companies extinguished the remaining fire and began overhaul operations. Fire sprinklers and fire companies together saved a 114-year-old structure that could have resulted in more than $17 million in damages. No injuries were reported.

Source: Fire Marshal Leigh Unger, Norwood Park Fire Protection District


Fire Sprinkler Extinguishes Kitchen Fire in 53-Story Senior High-Rise

Clare Senior Apt Fire Save

CHICAGO, IL (December, 2019) – A fire sprinkler extinguished a kitchen fire on the 26th floor of a 53-story high-rise building. The Clare, 55 E. Pearson Street, is a senior independent living community in Chicago’s Gold Coast neighborhood.

According to Gavin Hansen, F.E. Moran, they received a call about a kitchen fire. A sprinkler extinguished what looked like a stove fire. F.E. Moran installed the system 10 years ago and provided service and inspections ever since. According to the work order, they needed to replace the sprinkler so the system could be returned to service.

Source: Gavin Hansen, F.E. Moran


Fire Sprinklers Control a Fire at SouthPark Mall

MOLINE, IL (December 16, 2019) – Four fire sprinklers activated and controlled a fire that started inside the Fig Tree bookstore in SouthPark Mall in Moline.

According to Fire Marshal Jerry Spiegel, the fire started just after 11 a.m. Monday, December 16. Incense was left burning and the ashes fell into a cardboard box. Sprinklers contained most of the fire until crews arrived. There were no injuries.

The anchor stores, JCPenney, Dillards and Von Maur opened from the outside, according to mall management.



Fire Sprinklers Stop Fire From Spreading at Sycamore Menards

SYCAMORE, IL (December 16, 2019) – Fire sprinklers controlled a fire that started on a display shelf in the lighting department at Menards in Sycamore. Fire crews responded to a call at 2:22 a.m. at the big-box store at 1825 Mercantile Drive.

According to a post on the Sycamore Fire Department’s Facebook page, “We were very fortunate that the building’s fire sprinkler system provided both the initial notification of a fire alarm as well as kept the fire from spreading significantly beyond the area of origin.” Firefighters were able to control the flames within 15 minutes. There were no injuries reported.

View the report at:

@Sycamoreilfire on Facebook –

Source: Sycamore Fire Department Facebook and the Daily Chronicle