Northern Illinois Fire Sprinkler Advisory Board

The Northern Illinois Fire Sprinkler Advisory Board is a Not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting progressive legislation, raising public awareness, educating code officials and governmental policy makers by demonstrating the proven performance of fire sprinklers in saving both lives and property.

The Northern Illinois Fire Sprinkler Advisory Board will provide the following at no expense to you:
  • Consultation and research on Local Fire and Building Code changes.
  • Consultation and research on Fire Sprinkler plan Review Questions.
  • Provide a listing of area fire and building code amendments concerning fire sprinklers.
  • Provide liaison with Sprinkler Contractors during review and construction.
  • Provide Fire Sprinkler Training for Fire Officials in Illinois and Indiana.
  • Sponsor/Coordinate Basic and Advanced Fire Sprinkler Training classes
  • Provide Public Education and information Materials for Fire and Elected Officials.
  • Provide Fire Sprinkler Demonstration Trailers for the Illinois Fire Inspectors Association (IFIA) and the Northern Illinois Fire Inspectors Association (NIFIA).
  • Provide Customized “live” Side-by-Side burn demonstrations as arranged.
  • Provide research, case studies and statistics on fire sprinklers.

You Can Contact Us Here

62 Orland Square Dr Suite 201
Orland Park, IL 60462
Phone: (708) 403-4468
Fax: (708) 403-4771

Erik Hoffer

Erik Hoffer – Executive Director