Local Fire Sprinkler Incentives

Hodgkins Offers Grants for Home Fire Sprinkler Installations

Village incentivizes home fire sprinklers to protect citizens and first responders

Hodgkins Board

The village motto in Hodgkins is “small town, big heart,” and the Board of Trustees has proven it by making a big investment in public safety. They updated the village’s code to include a financial incentive for installing fire sprinklers in new construction and existing one- and two-family homes.

Hodgkins Officials

Left to right: Village of Hodgkins Water Department Foreman Ken Tucker, Code & Safety Enforcement Officer Dan Tholotowsky, Building Department Inspector Matt
Struve, Mayor Noel Cummings, Trustees Paul Struve and Tim Kovel.

Hodgkins now covers 50% of the installation cost when a system is approved. The comprehensive plan applies to structures and mobile homes, and sets no limit for its share. In addition, if the plumbing code calls for an increased water line size on a newly constructed home, 100% of the cost is covered so owners can choose to install fi re sprinklers later.

Although the village doesn’t require fire sprinklers in these residences, village officials understand the role fire sprinklers play in protecting residents and firefighters, so they’re committed to making sure residents have every reason to install or retrofit them.

Join Hodgkins and the other big-hearted Illinois municipalities finding ways to help keep their communities safer from fire.

village of hodgkins

Congratulations to Hodgkins Board of Trustees and building officials:

President Noel Cummings

Village Clerk Stephanie Gardner

Trustee Tim Kovel

Trustee Lida Mills

Trustee Vicky Moxley

Trustee Dominic Misasi

Trustee Larry Rice

Trustee Paul Struve

Building Inspector Matt Struve

Code & Safety Enforcement Officer Dan Tholotowsky

Pleasantview FPD Fire Chief Steve Norvilas

Pleasantview FPD Fire Marshal Arthur Peters