Local Fire Sprinkler Incentives

Tinley Park Grants Improve Fire Safety in Older Downtown Buildings

Tinley Park

The Downtown Tinley Park Grant Program helps achieve a signature downtown to benefit all who use it. The program aims to improve the safety of downtown buildings that were built before 2007. Property owners can apply for the Code Compliance Grant to install fire protection systems, such as fire alarms and fire sprinklers, and to meet accessibility code requirements. The program offers property owners a matching grant of 50 percent of the cost to make these improvements up to a maximum of $35,000. In addition to the local grant, business and building owners can utilize federal tax reform incentives that accelerate cost recovery for the installation and upgrade of fire sprinkler systems.

Fire sprinklers prevent the spread of fire, protecting property, employees, patrons and firefighters. They also help prevent economic loss due to business closure and a potential eyesore after a fire.

NIFSAB commends Tinley Park Mayor Michael Glotz and the Village Trustees for supporting this grant program and their commitment to life-safety issues and keeping businesses healthy and safe.

Tinley Park Board


Congratulations to the Tinley Park Board Members:

Mayor Michael W. Glotz
Village Clerk Kristin A. Thirion
Trustee William P. Brady
Trustee William A. Brennan
Trustee Diane M. Galante
Trustee Dennis P. Mahoney
Trustee Michael G. Mueller
Trustee Colleen M. Sullivan