Jordan Rodriguez Public Service Announcements (PSA)

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Jordan Rodriguez is a burn survivor and fire sprinkler advocate. As a burn survivor, he never wanted anyone to go through what his family has gone through. Jordan and his twin brother were burned in a house fire when they were 4 years old. His brother had burns on 43% of his body, 80% of Jordan’s body was burned. They had so many surgeries and spent months in the hospital. While growing up, they were bullied and often felt left out. Their mother was devastated and his older brother still deals with post-traumatic stress disorder.

When he was a young man, he saw a demonstration that compared a fire in a sprinklered room compared to a fire in an unsprinklered room. He was upset because he realized that life would have been different for his family if their home had fire sprinklers. He was upset because he knows how many homes and apartments do not have fire sprinklers. Now Jordan is committed to being the biggest advocate he can be.

Here are three Public Service Announcement videos featuring Jordan.

How a Fire Sprinkler Works (trt :32)

Fire-Safe Communities in Illinois (trt :33)

Fire Sprinklers Provide Quick Escape (trt :32)