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Home Fire Sprinkler Week with Lorraine Carli, HFSC President

The Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition (HFSC) and the NFPA Fire Sprinkler Initiative are virtually uniting the fire service throughout North America around a full week of home fire sprinkler education during their third annual Home Fire Sprinkler Week, May 17-23.

The purpose of the weeklong campaign is to increase awareness around the problem of home fires and the solution from life-saving home fire sprinklers.

Participating in the campaign is simple, Start at the HFSC website. Each day there is a different theme. You can choose from videos and/or graphics which can be posted on your website and through social media. Sample text for each post is also provided.

In the middle of the week, May 20, 10 a.m. Central, Firehouse magazine is hosting a 20-minute Facebook live event featuring U.S. Fire Administrator Chief Keith Bryant, IAFC President Chief Gary Ludwig and NFPA President Jim Pauley. In addition to the life-saving benefits of home fire sprinklers to residents, these leaders will address the role of fire sprinklers and protecting firefighters health and safety and why fire sprinklers are part of a comprehensive Community Risk Reduction plan.

The last two years, national media events were held and more than 30 states and Canadian provinces participated. Most of the events featured live side-by-side demonstrations as a part of their department’s fire sprinkler message.

According to Erik Hoffer, NIFSAB Executive Director, the Illinois Fire Sprinkler Coalition has conducted successful events that have recognized fire districts and municipalities that adopted ordinances requiring fire sprinklers in new homes. In addition to conducting demonstrations, various demonstration trailers were on display to promote the free resources available for use by fire departments.

“This year, we were looking forward to working with HFSC and NFPA, hosting the national media event and welcoming the fire service leaders to the Chicago area,” Hoffer said. “As with our daily life, we have had to adapt the event to the COVID-19 pandemic Rather than hosting a physical event, we are glad to support the campaign in a virtual format instead of cancelling it.”

Recent news coverage has shown that stay at home mandates are in a direct correlation with an increase in home cooking fires. This emphasizes the importance of the need to educate about fire safety, including fire sprinklers in new homes.

“While there may be little or no new construction during this crisis, now is a good time to educate all stakeholders about the vital role home fire sprinklers play in protecting residents, firefighters and communities,” Hoffer said. “We encourage members of the fire service, advocates and the fire sprinkler industry to get involved with this campaign. Let’s flood social media and the Internet with facts about home fire sprinklers during the week of May 17 – 23!”

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