July 2020

 Fire Sprinklers Control Fire Caused by Oily Rags at Villa Park Business

VILLA PARK, IL (July 20, 2020) – Fire sprinklers stopped a fire from spreading at a Villa Park business that specializes in cleaning restaurant linens and uniforms. According to Villa Park Fire Chief Ron Rakosnik, firefighters were called to the business on the 1000 block of North Villa Avenue just before 9 p.m. Oily rags ignited activating the sprinkler system.

The business had been closed and no one was inside the building when firefighters arrived. Fire officials estimated about $3,000 in damage with no structural damage. No injuries were reported.

“I am convinced that without the activation of the one sprinkler, the business would not have reopened the next day,” Rakosnik said.

Source: Villa Park Fire Department and The Daily Herald Business Ledger


Fire Sprinklers Control Machine Fire and Protect Commercial Business

MCHENRY, IL (July 18, 2020) – Fire sprinklers controlled a fire that started in a processing machine in a business located in an industrial park.

The McHenry Township Fire Protection District (MTFPD) was dispatched at 8:12 p.m. on July 18, for an activated fire alarm at 833 Ridgeview Drive in McHenry.  Upon arrival to the scene of the one-story large commercial building, firefighters encountered heavy smoke and located the source as a processing machine. The fire was suppressed by the sprinkler system. Firefighters used water pump cans and a dry chemical extinguisher to completely put out the fire before ventilating the building.

“This was a text book example of exactly the manner that sprinklers are designed to work,” said MTFPD Fire Chief Tony Huemann. “The sprinkler system suppressed the main body of fire until the firefighters arrived and completely extinguished the fire.  The activation of the sprinkler system protected the business that produces plastic petroleum products that could have easily become out of control that would have destroyed the entire business and building.”

Source: McHenry Township Fire Protection District (MTFPD)
Northwest Herald: https://www.nwherald.com/2020/07/21/processing-machine-causes-fire-at-mchenry-company/abg2et2/


Fire Sprinkler Extinguished Townhouse Preventing Extensive Damage

DEER PARK, IL (July 17, 2020) – The Lake Zurich Fire Rescue Department responded to a fire in a Deer Park townhome and found a fire sprinkler in the garage extinguished the fire.

When firefighters arrived at the townhome, they found the sprinkler activated and extinguished the fire preventing extensive damage. No injuries were reported.

Source:  Posted by Lake Zurich Fire Rescue Department

Fire Sprinkler Controls Fire at Romeoville Tasty Waffle

ROMEOVILLE, IL (July 8, 2020) – A fire sprinkler prevented a fire from spreading at Tasty Waffle, 632 S. Weber Road in Romeoville. When Lockport Township Fire Protection District responded, they found a small fire in the office. The sprinkler kept the fire small and prevented it from spreading into the restaurant.

The restaurant was unoccupied at the time of the fire and there were no injuries. No other business units in the building were affected by the fire. The cause of the fire appears to be accidental.

Source: Romeoville Patch


Fire Sprinkler Controls Fire in Large Multi-Tenant Building

ROSELLE, IL (July 7, 2020) – A single fire sprinkler controlled an early morning fire, July 7, in a large multi-tenant commercial building, at 100 N Gary Ave, in Roselle.

According to Fire Marshal Scott W. McBride, Roselle Fire Department, the building and contents are valued at more than $6.2 million. The estimated loss thanks to the sprinkler system was $1,000. No injuries were reported.

Source: Fire Marshal Scott McBride, Roselle Fire Department


June 2020

 Fire Sprinkler Controls Kitchen Fire in Peoria Apartment

PEORIA, IL (June 21, 2020) – A fire sprinkler controlled an early morning kitchen fire, June 21, at New Hope Apartments in Downtown Peoria.

The Peoria Fire Department responded to a smoke alarm call. A sprinkler activated and there was a small fire on the stove and counter top in a fifth floor unit. Firefighters turned off the stove and extinguished the remaining fire.

The fire was determined to be accidental and the local chapter of the American Red Cross was called to help find residents shelter for the evening.

Source: Journal Star


Fire Sprinkler Stops Fire From Spreading At Peoria Country Inn & Suites

PEORIA, IL (June 17, 2020) – A fire sprinkler controlled a fire in a hotel room at the Country Inn & Suites at 5309 W. Landens Way in Peoria Wednesday morning around 7:53 a.m.

While en route, dispatchers received reports of smoke in the building and a full fire response was requested. Upon arrival, fire crews saw smoke in the hallway on the second floor and determined the origin was from a single room. They found the sprinkler system activated preventing the fire from spreading and extinguished the remaining fire.

Firefighters checked remaining rooms for occupants. Everyone safely evacuated and there were no reported injuries. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

Source: 25News Week.com


Fire Sprinkler Stops Fire From Spreading at Linen Service Facility

COLUMBIA, IL (June 15, 2020) – A fire sprinkler controlled a fire at the Crown Linen Service located at 322 E. Industrial Drive in Columbia around 8:25 p.m. on Monday, June 15.

The Columbia Fire Department responded to a call of black smoke showing from the large facility. According to Columbia Assistant Fire Chief Jim Broshears, a large bag of laundry caught fire inside the business, possibly due to spontaneous combustion. The first crew in knocked it down and the fire sprinkler system helped.

Crown Linen provides linen services for the restaurant, hospitality, healthcare and sales industries. There was minimal damage and no injuries were reported.

Source: Republic-Times


Fire Sprinkler Controls Industrial Fire At Construction Business


WARRENVILLE, IL (June 12, 2020) – A single fire sprinkler controlled a fire in a construction building on the 30W200 block of Butterfield Road around 10:30 p.m. on Friday.

Fire crews from the Warrenville Fire Protection District arrived at the scene six minutes after the alarm and called in extra forces from West Chicago Fire Protection District, Wheaton Fire Department, Winfield Fire Protection District and Warrenville Police Department. Once the structure fire response team assembled, crews brought a hose inside to extinguish the fire.

According to Assistant Chief Andy Dina, Warrenville Fire Protection District, an automatic fire sprinkler kept the blaze in check until firefighters arrived. Crews put out the fire quickly, then ventilated the building and checked to ensure the flames did not spread to adjoining units.

Damage was held to common combustibles in the area where the fire originated.

There were no injuries and the cause of the fire was determined to be accidental.

Source: Daily Herald and Warrenville Fire Protection District