ITM Summit Big Success

Over 210 people attended the 2017 ITM Summit!

The Northern Illinois Fire Sprinkler Advisory Board (NIFSAB) and the Illinois Fire Inspectors Association (IFIA) unveiled a new state-of-the-art Inspection, Testing and Maintenance (ITM) demonstration trailer at the NFPA 25 Summit in Addison last week. More than 210 attended the event to review the latest information about ITM for water based fire sprinkler systems. They included members of 90 different fire departments and 20 building departments throughout the state.

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The trailer contains components including valves, pipes, pressure gauges and alarm switches for preaction and dry pipe fire sprinkler systems. The first of its kind in Illinois, the trailer will be used to train fire inspectors, building officials, and building owners and managers about ITM and other information required by Illinois state code and the International Fire Code. The demo trailer also includes a riser for an NFPA 13D home fire sprinkler system and an area where an actual sprinkler demonstration can be conducted. Products for the trailer were donated by Viking, Reliable Automatic Sprinkler, United States Alliance Fire Protection, and Apollo Valves.

Upgraded Demonstration Trailer with Preaction and Dry Valve Systems

New Website!

Expert Speaker Panel for 2017 ITM Summit


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Successful Activations (Summer 2017 Edition)

Download a sprinkler save report to record your fire department’s latest successful fire sprinkler activations.

July 2017

Apartment Building
Spring Valley Fire Department

The fire sprinkler system in the eight-story Bureau County Housing Authority apartment building put out a third-floor bedroom fire before fire crews arrived on scene.
News Tribune

Plastic Manufacturing Plant
Libertyville Fire Department

A single fire sprinkler controlled a fire that involved a plastic injection molding machine in the manufacturing facility that makes plastic pallets and garbage cans. Fire crews used a single handline to finish extinguishment. Fire damage was contained to the machine.
Ken Komers, Assistant Fire Chief,
Libertyville Fire Department

June 2017

Commercial Building
Naperville Fire Department

Four fire sprinklers extinguished an accidental electrical fire in a commercial building. All occupants safely escaped.
“The Naperville Fire Department credits the presence of automatic fire sprinklers and the buildings fire alarm system for the quick notification and extinguishment of the fire. These systems played a significant role in the positive outcome and minimal disruption of business.”
Naperville Fire Department news release

Dearhaven Child Care & Learning Center
Lake Forest Fire Department

One fire sprinkler contained and extinguished a fire that originated with a cardboard box in a first-floor kitchenette area of the daycare facility. All children and staff safely escaped. Damage was limited to only $5,000.
Mike Gallo, Administrative Battalion Chief,
Lake Forest Fire Department

Victory Centre Supportive Living
Countryside Fire Protection District

A single fire sprinkler controlled and confined a dryer fire in a fifth-floor laundry room at the five-story senior living facility in Vernon Hills. No injuries were reported.
Fire Chief Steingart  stated that “quick and decisive actions by the Victory Centre staff, as well as the emergency response and the fire sprinkler controlling the fire, clearly averted a potential tragedy.”
Countryside Fire Protection District news release

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Deerfield-Bannockburn FPD – Sets Moral Tone with Code Adoption

Trustee Kim Barkemeyer, Phil Bettiker, and Jeffrey Hansen voted May 11th to adopt the 2012 ICC International Fire Code including the provisions for residential fire sprinklers following NFPA 13D for new home construction in unincorporated Deerfield-Bannockburn Fire District. See the full press release from the Illinois Fire Sprinkler Coalition by clicking Here
Chief Ian Kazian, and Fire Marshall Brian educated the board on the new code provisions from NFPA, HFSC, FEMA, ISO , and others recommending that the fire district comply with the latest standards.  They Agreed!

FireSprinklerCoalition Press Release

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Naperville Fire Doused with Sprinklers! Lives Saved

On Saturday June 24, 2017, according to the village of Naperville, a fire on the 100 block of Ambassador Drive was extinguished by the Fire Sprinkler system.  Four sprinkler heads were activated and all occupants exited the building safely. The Naperville Fire Department acted quickly and arrived on the scene with 10 pieces of equipment and 24 personnel due to the size of the property involved.  The city of Naperville Reported more details – click here

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Florida Governor Scott Helps Keep Citizens Safe through Veto of H.B. 653

It was a good day for Firefighters and citizens interested in keeping sprinklers in building codes. Through his Veto letter, Governor Scott turned back efforts to rescind fire sprinkler protections gained for the people of Florida over the past few years.

Click Here to Read Governor Scott’s Veto Letter
H.B. 652 would have delayed deadlines and would provide an avenue for condominium residents to vote to opt out of retrofitting their condo’s.  High costs were cited as the biggest issue.  The Governor was cognizant of the Grenfell Apartment building fire in London and did not want to have similar fires occur in Florida without the protection of sprinklers.

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Lake Forest Daycare Avoids Tragedy Thanks to Fire Sprinkler System

On June 21, 2017  the Fire Sprinkler system installed at Dearhaven Day Care prevented a potential tragedy. The daycare, located on 1100 Westmorland Drive in Lake Forest, hosts 140 children, ranging from newborns to toddlers, as well as 37 staff members.

Click Here to Read Full Lake Forest Fire Department Press Release

A fire broke out in a staff break room adjacent to the infant classrooms. As a sprinkler head activated, all children were immediately evacuated by staff to a nearby fitness center. The single sprinkler head was able to extinguish the fire. The unaffected portion of the building was back in service within two hours, and the children were able to enjoy lunch and nap time without further interruption.   The cause of the fire is under investigation. The fire department’s preliminary estimates put the damage at $5,000. Due to the quick response of the firefighters, staff, and successful sprinkler activation there were no injuries to children, emergency personnel, or civilians. 

The cause of the fire is still under investigation, but we applaud the Dearhaven Day Care Staff and administration for taking all necessary steps to prepare for emergencies. Their choice to install a fire sprinkler system helped protect the children they are trusted to shelter. This is a good day for firefighters, fire sprinklers, and for responsible communities.

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