The Most Progressive Communities’ Fire Sprinkler Thresholds Rankings

These Illinois municipalities are the most progressive communities with the following fire sprinkler threshold rankings:
City Square Foot List
13D Ordinance List of Towns

110 towns with NFPA 13D (yellow shade in the “City Square Foot List” file) means that this town also protects all new single-family and single-family attached townhomes with residential fire sprinklers. They are among the 110 communities in Illinois that have already followed the recommendations made by FEMA and NFPA by adopting residential fire sprinkler ordinances.

102 political entities with 0 Square Feet, 110 with 13D; 122 with townhomes.
If your town or district is not listed, it does not have any progressive amendments or simply may have not filled out the survey.

The lower the threshold, the safer it is for your community and firefighters.