Eric Norlin

Eric Norlin, Fire Marshal with the Lincolnshire Riverwoods Fire Protection District and College of Lake County Instructor, shows the donated residential fire sprinkler display.

ORLAND PARK, IL (July 1, 2019) – The Northern Illinois Fire Sprinkler Advisory Board (NIFSAB) donated a residential fire sprinkler display to the Fire Science Technology program at the College of Lake County in Grayslake. Students will learn first-hand what a residential fire sprinkler looks like based on an NFPA 13D system for one- and two-family homes.

Eric Norlin, Fire Marshal of the Lincolnshire Riverwoods Fire Protection District and one of the instructors uses the display to show the contrast between a residential and commercial system. Norlin takes his students on tours through the buildings on campus to show them what a commercial fire sprinkler system looks like. “This display is a great tool to show students what a residential sprinkler riser looks like up close compared to viewing photos and illustrations in a classroom,” said Norlin.

Norlin is a former student of the Fire Science program at the college graduating in 1991. He has been an instructor since 1996. He looks forward to using the display even more in his fire prevention principles and fire protection systems courses next year.

“In my upcoming classes I will build my lesson plans around using this fire sprinkler display. I am also looking to add more teaching tools in the fire protection portion of the class,” Norlin said.

“Receiving this training tool is just another example of the support from NIFSAB for our students and for the fire service in our joint quest for the protection of the public through the use of sprinklers,” Norlin added.